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Why do my Bonsai Die?

Lack of Water

Bonsai trees are planted in small pots, so they don't have much reserves in terms of nutrients and water. Most Bonsai trees die from a lack of water.

If you forget to water your Bonsai until the soil dries out completely, the tree's roots dry out and die.

Within days you will see the leaves of your tree wither and fall off.

If the roots have dried up completely you can't save the tree.

If the roots didn't dry out completely you can rescue the tree by watering it properly and to keep the tree damp. 

Lack or Sunlight

In most houses the only place where a Bonsai will do well is right at a South facing window, as lots of light is crucial for the health of your tree.

Whit out sunlight the light intensity will drop significantly, slowing down growth and ultimately killing your Bonsai.

Any plant needs exposure to the sun in some way, because they use photosynthesis to create the nutrients they need to survive.

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